SuSeng , 15 Sep 2017

 "Timely" because Andersen Real Estate was the only agent who responded within a reasonable time to my enquiries whilst looking through a long list of probable homes plus the information and responses to my multitude of questions on numerous properties were always timely and accurate. 

"Effective" because Andersen provided me with the necessary information to make accurate decisions on numerous possibilities and ultimately secure my home. 

"Honest" because the information I received was unbiased allowed me to have a peace of mind to concentrate on house hunting.  Just knowing I will always receive an honest opinion was enough for me to conduct business with Andersen Real Estate. 

Begin from Melbourne it was important for me to receive timely responses and knowing that all responses are equally unbiased.  Distance was always a problem when looking for a home that is essentially 2,500 kms away. 

Andersen was articulate in their process assisting me in narrowing down my needs, requirements and assessed numerous properties that were on the market.  At no stage did I get the impression that there was a need to sell a house on their part.  It was very much about assisting me in purchasing the home I was looking for.  The agent was only too happy to assist and was prepared to go above and beyond what I believe is the normal process. 

I am certain the level and quality of service I received from Andersen Real Estate is indicative of their work culture and beliefs. 

If you are looking for an agency that are prepared to be flexible, honest and invest time to listening to your requirements then Andersen Real Estate is the one.

Carla was always willing to answer my 1001 questions with all honesty.  Please give her a special thank you from me.

A very happy customer