James family , 17 Jun 2014

In February of 2014 I contacted Nora and Peter Andersen of Andersen Real Estate to sell our family property.

The property had been in the family for over 50 years and unfortunately with the passing of my father his wishes were to sell.

Andersen Real Estate from the get go were extremely compassionate about the circumstances under which the family home needed to be sold. Being locals in the area they understood the value the home had within our family.

This is where Andersens for our family stood out. Having a passionate real estate team to sell your valued possession is few and far between and the team at Andersens wanted to make sure that the home sold to a family who could make memories of there own, like our family home made for us. They were professional in there approach, execution and delivered a positive outcome in a timely manner for our family during a highly emotional time.

If you want your home taken care of, respected, and sold then I highly recommend Andersen Real Estate and their team to make that happen for you. They listen, they source and engage the right people to ensure that something that is so valued is always taken care of by new home owners. They are not about the quick sale, they are about the story behind the home to ensure that it is sold to the right people.

My family is extremely grateful to the team at Andersen Real Estate and I highly recommend them to sell your home